Microsoft Defender for Endpoint solution now includes Linux security protection.   Red Hat is 1st version supported & other Linux”distro” version support will follow

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Adds Linux Support —

Threat and Vulnerability Management now supports all major platforms – Microsoft Security

Microsoft announced last week that the Threat and Vulnerability Management capabilities in its Microsoft Defender for Endpoint security solution now protects Linux-based devices.  The enhancements are said to make Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (formerly known as “Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection”) into a cross-platform security solution. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is used to protect devices, as well as to conduct post-breach investigations.

Linux SupportMicrosoft has offered protections for Windows-based and macOS-based devices in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, but the product can now remediate vulnerabilities in devices running “RHEL [Red Hat Enterprise Linux], CentOS and Ubuntu” Linux distros. Microsoft is planning to expand that Linux device support, as well. It will “shortly” add Threat and Vulnerability Management support for “Oracle Linux, CentOS, SUSE and Debian” Linux operating systems at some point.