Mozilla shares how deceptive designs may trick end-users into opting into unwanted or even less secure website options.  Firefox 89 was designed with some improvements to better isolate web v. Firefox actions & messages as shared below:

What are deceptive design patterns and how can you spot them? (

Deceptive design patterns show up as tricky color schemes, frustrating mazes, sneaky designs and confusing language. Websites use these techniques to influence your behavior into a direction that benefits them more than it benefits you. Here are examples of deceptive or manipulative designs you might run into.

Confusing design and language

You won’t find deceptive designs on every website, but we’ve all experienced confusing situations like:

    • A “No thanks” button that is pale grey but the “Sign me up” button is enticingly bright blue.
    • A box that is pre-checked, making it unclear if you are opting in or opting out if you uncheck it.
    • A graphic that has an X-out box as part of the design rather than being functional. When you click the X, you are redirected to a webpage.
    • A site that’s swimming with so many buttons, you’re almost bound to click one of them.

They may also appear in text taking the form of:

    • Double negatives like Do not uncheck this box if you want to keep receiving emails from us.
    • Buried opt-out explanations in the terms and conditions fine print.
    • Hurdles for closing an account, like listing reasons you shouldn’t instead of simply respecting your wishes.
    • Word choices that make it unclear what you’re choosing.

Firefox brings more clarity

The Firefox team designs experiences that are clear in their messaging and respectful of your time and attention. In our latest June release, the user interface has been updated so that there is no mistaking when Firefox is “talking to you” vs the site you’re on. Similarly, our notifications and messages make it clear that you have a choice to engage with them, and that using features should be a considered decision you make, not something we slip past you. Our products are designed to meet your needs and help you enjoy everything the web offers without trickery to get in your way.