FTC shares awareness on the need to perform extensive research & avoid online or other scam approaches

Timeshares: Yes? No? Maybe? | FTC Consumer Information

There are a lot of promises and pitches designed to get you to buy right then and there without giving you time to think about it or do any of your own research. So before you sign that timeshare agreement, ask yourself a few questions:
    • If the timeshare is only for a specific property, is this where I want to vacation every year?
    • Can I afford this timeshare, even if the maintenance fees go up?
    • Do I have the time to deal with issues that may arise if I can’t book the resort I want during the time I want to travel?
    • If I no longer can afford or want the timeshare, how can I sell it?
    • And read Timeshares, Vacation Clubs, and Related Scams for more tips.