These 5 principles are excellent in achieving a good action plan for each work day ahead.

Start Your Day Right With These 5 Highly Productive Habits | PCMag

Part of being organized is creating habits that help us get the most out of every day. When we rely on habits rather than deliberate actions that require conscious effort, we free up our brains for more important stuff.  Morning is an ideal time for getting into habits that can lead to a more productive day. Here are five things you can do early in the day, every day, to get more done.

1. Track Your Sleep (ensure you get proper rest to start day off well)
2. Review Your Calendar and To-Do List
3. Check the Language of Your To-Dos
4. D-Not-Disturb Yourself Until It’s Time to Process Email, Messages
5. Take small “timeouts” to rejuvenate with brief fun event as it actually improves productivity