Cybersecurity threats for industrial control systems (ICS) have increased in 2021 & history of major incidents share importance of safeguarding these national & local resources.

Significant Historical Cyber-Intrusion Campaigns Targeting ICS | CISA

To raise awareness of the risks to—and improve the cyber protection of—critical infrastructure, CISA and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have released a Joint Cybersecurity Advisory as well as updates to five alerts and advisories. These alerts and advisories contain information on historical cyber-intrusion campaigns that have targeted ICS:

CISA urges critical infrastructure owners and operators to review the publications listed above and apply the mitigations in Joint CISA-FBI CSA AA21-201A: Gas Pipeline Intrusion Campaign, 2011-2013. CISA also encourages owners and operators to review AR-17-20045: Enhanced Analysis of Malicious Cyber Activity.