COVID-19 created the “work from home” paradigm which has decentralized controls from the office setting.  While all of us should use corporate equipment for business use only, some users may increase use thru personal use as well.  Security protection & awareness are constantly required.

Security Tops IT Pro Concerns with Shift to Remote Work, Study Finds —

IT pros were most worried about possible increases in cybersecurity attacks with the shift toward remote work in 2020, according to a survey conducted by Netwrix.  Netwrix, a data security and compliance solutions company based in Irvine, Calif., surveyed 732 system administrators for its “2021 Sysadmin Report,” with results announced this week. Risk of cybersecurity attacks topped the list at 68 percent. Other top challenges for system administrators included:

    • Increased workload (66 percent).
    • Lack of remote support tools (38 percent).
    • Reduced budget (33 percent).
    • Reduced IT staff (30 percent).
    • Lack of IT skills to support remote work (22 percent).