IBM Mainframes still provide important legacy support & even support of cloud & other data — where there is a needed fit.  Mainframes are especially suitable for backend processing & plugging into some existing older government or industry standards.  While mainframe processing is less popular & phased out of many companies, IBM still provides support where required in 2021.

IBM upgrades its Big Iron OS for better cloud, security, and AI support | Network World

IBM z/OS V2.5: Enabling innovative development to support hybrid cloud and AI business applications

IBM continues to fine-tune its mainframe to keep it attractive to enterprise users interested in keeping the Big Iron in their cloud and AI-application development plans. The company released a new version of the mainframe operating system—z/OS V2.5—that includes beefed-up support for containers, AI, and security.

“Traditionally, the process of deploying a new z/OS system in an IBM Z LPAR [logical partition] has been a complex and arduous process that requires the skill of an experienced system programmer,” IBM stated. “As a result, some clients might delay creating new z/OS systems, which can impact their DevOps agility and processes.”

In z/OS V2.5, Cloud Provisioning and Management provides a set of templates designed to make it easier to provision and deprovision z/OS systems. By selecting a z/OS provisioning template from the IBM Cloud Provisioning software services catalog, an early tenure system programmer can provision a new instance of z/OS in in less than one hour, compared with the days or weeks it has taken in the past.