“Work from Home” (WFH) opportunities proved to effective & helped in 2020 to stabilize USA economy & key services.  They are also good for the employee, as long as a “good day’s work” is rendered day-to-day support remains effective.  They are likely here to stay into the future offering flexibility to both employer & employees

Staying Visible When Your Team Is in the Office…But You’re WFH (hbr.org)

It’s true that the previous stigma against WFH has decreased markedly during the pandemic, as many knowledge workers had the opportunity to try it for themselves. But it’s also probable that leaders may revert to their past frame of reference once they’re back in the office — namely, that employees they can’t directly monitor may well be goofing off. That’s why it’s essential for remote workers to overindex on creating perceptions of rock solid reliability.

1. Over-deliver to combat the negative assumptions that can come with remote work.
2. Fight against the pull toward transactional relationships.
3. Make yourself physically visible (e.g., webcam, profile photo, etc.)