Popular or also tragic events are used as “bait” by malware designers.  Already fake Windows 11 installers are surfacing.  Beta testers should only get trusted version directly from Microsoft

Malware Is Being Distributed Via Fake Windows 11 Installers | PCMag

Malware is being distributed using a fake Windows 11 installer, according to Kaspersky.  The security firm says one example malware contained in a file called “86307_windows 11 build 21996.1 x64 + activator.exe” increased its file size to 1.75GB using “one DLL file that contains a lot of useless information” to create the illusion that it was a legitimate Windows 11 installation tool. That illusion extended beyond the size of the executable file, too.

Kaspersky says opening that file invokes a series of installers resembling “an ordinary Windows installation wizard,” complete with a license agreement that notes “that it would also install some sponsored software.” Which is true, in a sense, except in this case the additional software in question is malware rather than a pre-installed version of a game like Candy Crush.