This recent “Dear Abby” shares how those in foreign countries may prey upon older & lonely individuals.   Many want to believe but later lose $$$ thru wired transactions, untraceable gift cards, credit/bank cards, etc.  These scammers are among top in social engineering & always be careful as most remote relationships are dangerous & even fraudulent (where folks have not physically met & verified thru “real time” ways that cannot be faked)

Dear Abby: Am I too old for this dreamboat of a man? (

DEAR ABBY: Two years ago, I met a wonderful man online. He’s from Wales in the U.K. He’s 21 years younger than I am, so, naturally, I’m cautious about how our relationship will hold up through the years. (He’s 42; I’m 63.) He says I am everything he’s dreamed of, and more. He’s nonjudgmental, kind, sweet and very witty. His intelligence amazes me. I love and respect him more than any person I have ever known.

DEAR FOUND: It is possible, but it is unusual. If you know this person only online, I caution you to get to know him, his family and his friends in person before making any formal commitments. I say this because he may not actually be the person he is representing himself to be, and women in your situation have been taken advantage of. This man may be married. Because of this, you should never send him money, even if it’s only a “temporary loan.”