Harvard Business Review is excellent source of management & leadership modern practices.  As offices reopen from pandemic, these key planning factors can help maximize productivity & transition successfully in returning to office full time or in a hybrid/flexible manner

How to Set a Hybrid Work Schedule That Works for You (hbr.org)

With a sudden jolt in March of 2020, millions of Americans who could do their work virtually were finding that they were doing their work virtually. According to a Pew Research study, prior to this shift, about 20% of workers who could work remotely were doing so; this percentage swung up to 71%.  This change happened with very little warning and gave employees little to no choice in the matter. But now as organizations are transitioning in earnest back to the office, many employees will have more choice than ever before.

If you find yourself in the situation where you’re now able or required to have some in-person facetime each week and you feel uncertain about what you should request, here are some strategies that can help guide your hybrid schedule decisions. As a time-management coach, I find that considering these four key factors can empower you to maximize your overall productivity when you’re (partially) back in the office.


1. What tasks do I prefer to do in the office?
2. When does my team need me?
3. How can I maximize my productivity?
4. When do I feel the least motivated?