The FTC shares important safety tips for users as scams abound during peak e-commerce activities associated with the holidays.

Celebrate Hanukkah without the scams | FTC Consumer Information

Hanukkah is all about spending time with loved ones, celebrating traditions, and, for many, giving gifts. So, as you start preparing for all eight nights, here are some things you can do to avoid scammers when shopping online:

    • Check the seller before you buySearch online for the name of the seller and product, plus words like “complaint” and “scam.” And read reviews about the seller and their products, too.
    • Look at the seller’s refund and shipping policies. Look for things like who pays the cost for shipping returns, how long you have to return the product, and whether there are any other fees you might have to pay. Check out the seller’s shipping policy, too. If they don’t promise a time to send out your order, they must ship within 30 days.
    • Pay by credit card. Using a credit card gives you more rights to dispute the charge if something goes wrong than other types of payment. And never buy from sellers that only accept gift cards, money transfers, or cryptocurrency for payment.