Some early details on this new satellite based ISP network are emerging

Half of America Is Ready to Switch to Starlink Satellite Internet | PCMag

Chances are good that you hate your internet provider, even if your connection is fast. Now imagine your provider can barely give you reasonable speed for your distance-learning kids, your working-from-home partner, or yourself for classes, video meetings, and streaming The Expanse.  That’s the state of internet for far too many, especially in rural areas, and the only reasonable solution on the horizon is the promise of truly fast connections via satellite. Amazon’s eventual Project Kuiper (allegedly with speeds up to 400Mbps) and SpaceX’s Starlink are making sure satellite internet will be available in those areas.

Starlink buzz is strong enough that did a survey of 500 people over age 18 to ask whether they’d consider getting on board. Despite the cost ($499 for an antenna and router, plus $99 a month), over half of those surveyed said they’re ready to sign up for the beta program, and 55% who don’t use satellite now would stick with Starlink permanently if the connection speed was faster—even if it was more expensive than what they currently have. Forty-four percent of all respondents would stick with Starlink if they could make payments on the equipment rather than paying the $499 up front.

Starlink’s speed eclipses other satellite internet providers in a big way and also lowers latency significantly. That means the quality of the connection is going to be much closer to what you get with cable (but not quite as good as fiber to the home). Current Starlink latency is averaging 39 milliseconds. (Read more about internet connection quality in The Best Gaming ISPs for 2021.)