Ransomware continues to be one of top attack methods to literally hold a company at ransom for $$$ paid for the secret key to unlock decrypted data files.  Shutterfly experienced a recent attack on parts of its network as shared below

Shutterfly Hit With Conti Ransomware | PCMag

Shutterfly services disrupted by Conti ransomware attack (bleepingcomputer.com)

Statement about Cybersecurity Incident: December 26, 2021 | Shutterfly, Inc (shutterflyinc.com)

Shutterfly, LLC recently experienced a ransomware attack on parts of our network. This incident has not impacted our Shutterfly.com, Snapfish, TinyPrints or Spoonflower sites. However, portions of our Lifetouch and BorrowLenses business, Groovebook, manufacturing and some corporate systems have been experiencing interruptions. We engaged third-party cybersecurity experts, informed law enforcement, and have been working around the clock to address the incident.

As part of our ongoing investigation, we are also assessing the full scope of any data that may have been affected. We do not store credit card, financial account information or the Social Security numbers of our Shutterfly.com, Snapfish, Lifetouch, TinyPrints, BorrowLenses, or Spoonflower customers, and so none of that information was impacted in this incident. However, understanding the nature of the data that may have been affected is a key priority and that investigation is ongoing. We will continue to provide updates as appropriate.