The IIL blogs recently shares an article related to conflict resolution approaches that can be helpful in getting projects or the team back on track again

Paths Process for Conflict Management (

Managing a team is complex and challenging at the same time. Team members naturally have different perceptions, personalities, characters, ideas, and they may be from different cultures. Getting along or minimizing conflict within a team is not easy.   In managing conflict in teams, we consider two possible relationships: one where the leader interacts with team members, and one where team members interact among themselves and the leader is a “spectator”, but with a task to bring calm in difficult situations.

The PMBOK® Guide recommends five techniques that project managers can use to manage or eliminate conflict in project teams:

    • Withdraw / Avoid 
    • Smooth / Accommodate 
    • Compromise / Reconcile 
    • Force / Direct 
    • Collaborate / Problem Solve 

A possible strategy to resolving divergences can be based on the following sequential steps:

    • Understand by a backwards process why the deductions diverge
    • Identify common and different starting points
    • Perform a deep analysis aimed at defining a good set of common points
    • Convince the involved parties to sacrifice some starting points or “source” of disagreement