John Maxwell’s blogs are an excellent resource in learning leadership best practices.  The Titanic + 2 ships in article are examples of dangers of rushing results, shortcuts to quality, and ignoring risks.

Which Leader Are You? 5 Lessons from the Tale of Two Ships (

This tale of two ships provides us with many leadership lessons. Here are five you can put into practice today to help your team deliver remarkable results:

    1. Focus on purpose. On the Vasa, the crew was focused on pleasing the king; on the Benfold, the crew was focused on executing the mission at sea.
    2. Trust your crew. On the Vasa, everything was viewed through the leader’s eyes (the king); on the Benfold, everything was viewed through the crew’s eyes.
    3. Lead by example. On the Vasa, the king would dictate and manipulate; on the Benfold, the captain would collaborate and motivate.
    4. Never settle for “good enough.On the Vasa, speed was of the essence, and “good enough” had to do; on the Benfold, the crew was inspired to go beyond standard procedure and minimum code and take ownership of every detail. 
    5. Focus on results, not salutes.  On the Vasa, it was salute and stay mute; on the Benfold, the crew were encouraged to speak up and right any wrongs. 

The difference between being remarkable and being shipwrecked is leadership. Leaders who position their team to win and then empower their team to perform are the leaders who set sail for outstanding results.