The less sensitive data is shared — the better protection for privacy & from identity theft attacks.  Even if a site “hides” this information, hackers can sometimes break in & collect data there — in addition to what is openly shared in public.

Facebook, Uber, and Dating Sites Top the List of Companies Collecting Your Personal Data | PCMag

London-based Clario — is also ready to help you take back some privacy, by pointing out which companies are tracking the most information about you. This goes beyond the tracking we’re used to hearing about, such as using cookies to follow where you visit online, what you buy, and then using that to show you targeted advertising (at best). Clario has created an infographic (the full version is below) to show you the many kinds of personal info social networks, online stores, streaming services, sharing services, and more are legally collecting about you, either when you sign up or over the course of time.