In a Microsoft study of WU issues, it was found that many non-updated users don’t stay connected long enough which impacts the lengthy assessment & installation process.¬†

Windows Devices Need 2 Hours of Continuous Connectivity for Update Compliance —

Achieve better patch compliance with Update Connectivity data – Windows IT Pro Blog (

Microsoft has invested significant effort into understanding why Windows devices are not always fully up to date. One of the most impactful things we explored was how much time a device needs to be powered on and connected to Windows Update to be able to successfully install quality and feature updates. What we found is that devices that don’t meet a certain amount of connected time are very unlikely to successfully update. Specifically, data shows that devices need a minimum of two continuous connected hours, and six total connected hours after an update is released to reliably update. This allows for a successful download and background installations that are able to restart or resume once a device is active and connected.

We call this measurement Update Connectivity: the time (in hours) that a device is powered on and also connected to Microsoft services such as Windows Update. This data can enable you to:

    • Better understand which devices simply don’t have enough connected time to successfully update.
    • Examine how to treat those devices in reporting and success measurements.
    • Consider how to evaluate the security risk these rarely connected devices actually pose to your environment.