HermeticWiper is a highly destructive Windows MBR based attack that corrupts the boot loading process using partitioning software.  Security ADMINs should remain vigilant of emerging new malware & other cyberattacks during heightened world tensions 

Destructive Malware Hits Windows Systems in Ukraine Amid Russian Invasion | PCMag

New data-wiping malware has been spotted infecting hundreds of computers in Ukraine as Russia invades the country.  IT security companies began noticing the malware on Wednesday, Feb. 23 ahead of the Thursday morning Russian invasion. The malware, dubbed HermeticWiper, is designed to both erase Windows devices and corrupt the system, preventing the OS from loading.

HermeticWiper corrupts a Windows PC’s master boot record, which tells the computer how to load the OS, according to IT security firm SentinelOne. It does this by leveraging legitimate drivers from EaseUS Partition Master, a free program, to corrupt a computer’s hard drives. The malware itself is also signed with a digital certificate from an obscure company in Cyprus called “Hermetica Digital Ltd,” which SentinelOne suspects may be a shell company or a defunct firm.