What is A Hybrid Work Model? A Simple Explanation for Hybrid Leaders – The IIL Blog

Work can be accomplished from the main office (i.e., your organization’s primary on-site location), from flexible locations (such as shared workspaces or co-working spaces), from satellite offices (which are organization-owned offices that are usually smaller in size than the main office), from home, or from anywhere in the world.  The higher you are on the spectrum, the “more remote” you are, and the lower you are on the spectrum, the “more on-site” you are.

There are no hard lines between these locations, but if you think about it, being entirely on-site means working at the main office, and being entirely remote means working from anywhere. And hybrid work sits somewhere in the middle, overlapping with multiple locations and including a combination of work conducted on-site and work conducted remotely.  This view, however, doesn’t offer the complete picture; there’s another dimension we need to consider when discussing hybrid work. And that’s the dimension of time.