The Harvard Business Review is excellent site for management, leadership, and other key topics.  Data privacy laws & needs continue to evolve — esp. as computer devices & online accessibility improves with 5G & other technologies during 2022.  This is an excellent & in-depth article

The New Rules of Data Privacy (

The data harvested from our personal devices, along with our trail of electronic transactions and data from other sources, now provides the foundation for some of the world’s largest companies. Personal data also the wellspring for millions of small businesses and countless startups, which turn it into customer insights, market predictions, and personalized digital services. For the past two decades, the commercial use of personal data has grown in wild-west fashion. But now, because of consumer mistrust, government action, and competition for customers, those days are quickly coming to an end.

1. Consumer mistrust.

The idea of “surveillance capitalism,” which its author Shoshana Zuboff describes as “an economic system built on the secret extraction and manipulation of human data,” has become common coinage, capturing consumers’ increasing awareness that their data is bought, sold, and used without their consent

2. Government action.

Federal lawmakers are moving to curtail the power of big tech. Meanwhile, in 2021 state legislatures proposed or passed at least 27 online privacy bills, regulating data markets and protecting personal digital rights. Lawmakers from California to China are implementing legislation that mirrors Europe’s GDPR

3. Market competition.

Last year, Apple’s upgrade to its iPhone operating system allowed users to shut down data harvesters’ ability to track them across their many apps. It was a refreshing change, providing customers with power and agency over their data. It also bit hard into companies that rely on cross-app tracking: