After June 15th, IE11 will no longer launch for required Windows 10/11 legacy apps, this workaround will allow continued access in compatibility mode using EDGE

The Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) desktop application was retired on June 15, 2022, for Windows 10 & 11.  It will no longer launch which requires using EDGE, CHROME, or other browsers to launch.  The key impact is for older legacy sites that only work in IE11. This is because IE11 will no longer launch directly from the desktop, but Microsoft did provide an IE11 emulation mode in its modern browser called EDGE, where IE11 will run within EDGE in a “compatibility mode”.   There is a 1-time setup to alter the default settings for EDGE so that IE11 can launch there for future needs

Latest step-by-step guide to use Internet Explorer 11 within Edge

  1. In the top corner of the browser, select Settings -> Default Browser (you can also copy & paste edge://settings/defaultBrowser into EDGE address area to go there directly)
  2. Select under Internet Explorer Compatibility
  3. 3. Set to Allow Internet Explorer to open websites in Microsoft Edge: Incompatible websites only (recommended);
  4. Set to Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode: Allow;
  5. You can add sites that require IE11 only in advance by copy/paste of URL – use Internet Explorer mode pages & click the ADD button & copy in desired URL
  6. Click “Restart” to close and open Edge again.
  7. The desired website opens with the IE11 engine & displays within the EDGE browser.