Apple has recently introduced the new M2 CPU which offers high-end capabilities for it’s workstation & laptop products.

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What Is the Apple M2 Processor?

Apple M2 processor SoC

Confused by all the M2 and M1 talk you’ve been seeing around Apple products lately? Here’s a quick refresher. In early June, Apple held its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, WWDC 2022. During the opening keynote for the multi-day event, the company announced the first second-generation Apple Silicon processor for Macs, the M2 processor.

The new CPU benefits from a new production process, which Apple calls its “second-generation 5-nanometer process.” We’ll dig into the specifications in a moment, but the new M2 chip offers several advancements over the M1 processor from 2020, including more transistors, higher memory bandwidth, and support for higher allotments of RAM.