PC Magazine shares AMD’s latest developments, related to highly advanced CPU technology in this super-computer class processor with 64 cores.

Hear 64 Cores Roar! First Tests: AMD’s Monster Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5995WX | PCMag

AMD’s elite Ryzen Threadripper processors and their huge dies, derived from the company’s Epyc server chips, have distinguished themselves as the ultimate multi-core monsters. They are ideally suited for pro-grade content-creation and rendering—not the kind your occasional YouTuber needs, but for the likes of Pixar and well-funded movie studios. They’re also great for crunching titanic data sets and spinning up modeling applications at full tilt.

Threadripper first hit the market years back as a marginally consumer component, with standalone motherboards and chips available for DIY-ers. The more recent Threadripper Pro, meanwhile, is the version for desktop workstations, equipped with AMD’s Ryzen Pro remote-management and security features. It aims straight for Intel’s Xeon W-class and even dual Xeon workstations.

Hear 64 Cores Roar! First Tests: AMD's Monster Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5995WX Image