Interesting list of deactivated Domains

While preparing for the next HOSTS update I've found an interesting list of deactivated domains. (Win32/TrojanDownloader.Agent.AIB)
Status: Parked and deactivated (no valid DNS) (Trojan.Jupillites)
Status: Domain Registration Expired
Notice the other related domain names that prey on good name of well respected security products
drwebupd(dot)com – this is not Dr.Web Anti-virus
lavasoftupdate(dot)com – this is not Lavasoft Antispyware
outpostsupport(dot)com – this is not Outpost Firewall

Kudos to Google and Yahoo for not providing any Sponsored Links for the search term "outpostsupport"

vogservice(dot)com (HTML/TrojanDownloader.Agent.AO)
Status: deactivated (no valid DNS)
This is one of the sites that uses the "Web-Attacker Control panel" to generate exploits

Zango/180Solutions (Adware.180Solutions) has quietly started deactivating some of their sites | | | |

Even Gator has deactivated several of their sub-domains … Imagine that!

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