Archive for November 1, 2006

More fake codec sites

I got a tip today about 2 more fake "codec" sites … (Creation Date: 31-Oct-2006) same owner as the previously mentioned keycodec.comIP Address: (Estdomains/Inhoster) Other related codec domains:  strcodec.com85.255.118.195  vccodec.com85.255.118.195  mmcodec.com85.255.118.196  xpassgenerator.com85.255.118.196  winmediacodec.com85.255.118.196  videoscodec.com85.255.118.196  softcodec.com85.255.118.198 (Creation Date: 31-Oct-2006)IP Address: (Estdomains/Intercage) Other related codec domains:  powercodec.com69.50.188.108  medcodec.com69.50.188.108  imcodec.com69.50.188.109 […]

Another nasty Javascript exploit

From: SANS Internet Storm Center Alert The de-obfuscated URL goes to (dont click!!), which resolves to, which is – surprise surprise – the address range of INHoster in Ukraine. Although we are wary of excessive block-lists, we have repeatedly recommended in the past that you block this range – Now look […]