Microsoft sues Screen Saver Creator

Microsoft Files Suit Against Creators of Spyware-Bearing Celebrity Screen Saver

This suit involves one of the defendants named in this court action:
Court Shuts Down Media Motor Spyware Operation

Of note (from the pdf files) in the suit is the following excerpt:
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the Corporate Defendants and Individual Defendants shall, within five (5) days of service of this Order, prepare and deliver to the Commission a completed statement, verified under oath and accurate as of the date of entry of this Order, identifing with as much detail as possible (including, but not limited to, name, address, phone number, email address, instant messaging identification or “handle,” website, and affiliate identification code) of all persons and or entities that have provided Software that the Corporate Defendants and or Individual Defendants have installed, either directly or through their affiliates, on consumers’ computers. For the ERG Defendants, this list should include, but not be limited to, the persons and or entities that provided the programs commonly known as: Look2ME, 7FaSSt, AdRotator, AdMedia, SearchingAll, the Mirar Toolbar, ClickSpring;UCmore; CasClient; Z-Quest; CmdServices; Puity Scan; Backdoor.DSNX, Webhancer, Ezula, CoolWebSearch, ABetterinternet, DyFuCA, e2give, Prutect, Safesurfing, Qoologic, BookedSpace, begin2search DollarRevenue, Popuppers, WebNexus, Yazzle and Winsync. Addictive Technologies and Media Motor.

It looks like MediaMotor will have to disclose any dealings with the above (Adware/Spyware) companies. Which by the way looks like a “who’s who” of the entries in my HOSTS file … hopefully the disclosures will be as revealing as the wealth of info from the DirectRevenue case

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