Oh what a Screensaver!

Following up on a tip today about a bundled install from Relevence Marketing … let’s see what we get from their download “PuppyScreenSaver.exe” which is not really a screensaver but a Trojan Downloader that once run downloads a bundle of files … first the file was submitted to VirusTotal … oh look what we get …

Imagine that! … they rest of the files had similar results and this is what the end user gets …

All of our Products are listed in windows Add/Remove Programs.
To remove them, Please enter your “Start Menu”, Navigate to the “Control Panel”,
Open the “Add or Remove Programs” area, and then select and remove whatever you have installed.
Here are the names our various softwares install as:

A SuperScreenSaver – Babes
A SuperScreenSaver – Puppies

The next HOSTS update will contain the following new entries:

I also found that they are doing business with PrimaryAds … although PrimaryAds promotes they are not involved with any questionable affiliates … hmm

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