Oh Google make up your mind

While researching a few suspicious sites I ran across a warning from Google …

Ok so I visit StopBadware.org to see what harmful content is on that page and I find this:

You landed on this page because members of the public reported this website to StopBadware.org as hosting or distributing badware. Though our researchers have not yet reviewed this website, once they do, this warning page will be replaced with a detailed report on the site’s badware.

But what I really find disconcerting is that although this page may be harmful, Google is advertising providing a service on that page!
From a View Source on the page I find:

While the StopBadware project is no doubt useful to the general public, it’s a little hipacritical that one of their Corporate Sponsors is advertising providing a service on such sites …

Edited: to correct “advertising” with providing a service …

2 Responses to “Oh Google make up your mind”

  1. Is it advertising? My understanding is that Google Analytics is purely an analytical service – no advertising by Google and no income stream for the person embedding the analytics. Basically, a hit counter on steroids.

  2. Perhaps “advertising” was the wrong choice of words … however they are still providing a service to a site marked as harmful content.