Can Sponsored Links be trusted?

Can search results Sponsored Links be trusted? … not always and a lot depends on who you use for searching. A prime example is to search for the term “antispyware” a very common subject, but the “Sponsored” results can be quite different.

IE7 Live Search on page 2 shows “Winantispyware” … oh my!
Or search on Yahoo for the same term and on page 2 you get “Winantiviruspro” which is the same company. So what do you get from Google? Kudos to Google for not allowing these guys to purchase a Sponsored Link and in fact if you try to click a link for Winantispyware you get a Google/StopBadware Warning.

So who is Winantispyware? … here are some interesting comments

Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites
WinAntiSpyware 2006,, aggressive, deceptive advertising (1, 2, 3); same company as WinAntiSpy 2005

Webroot SpySweeper: WinFixer/WinAntiSpyware may be installed by a direct download but may install via a Trojan Horse or popup advertisement.

SunBelt CounterSpy: WinAntiSpyware is a rogue antis-pyware product which pesters users with scareware tactics to purchase the product.

StopBadware Report | Symantec Detection | Tenbril SpyCatcher | PcTools | McAfee SiteAdvisor

It’s time for Microsoft and Yahoo to get their act together and stop allowing these type products to purchase Sponsored Links … it doesn’t always have to be about the $$$ … sometimes it’s just the right thing to do!

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