VirusBursters replaces SpywareQuake

Running a check today I noticed that SpywareQuake has been dropped (no longer returns a valid DNS reply), however it has been replaced by VirusBursters which is run by the same people as Malwarewipe, Spyaxe, SpyFalcon, SpywareStrike, VirusBurst.

The new version is not very well detected after running a check of the download via VirusTotal. The irony is McAfee has a write-up here, which they updated 11/17/2006, however the download was not detected by McAfee at VirusTotal.

You can find removal instructions here, although I’m not sure it’s been updated to detect this new version … I have left a message for the author just in case.

The HOSTS file will be updated and a new version released in a few days with the needed entries as there are 19 sub-domains that are being used for the download … VirusBursters are typically installed via the various Trojan.Zlob (fake codec) sites …

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