Google adds new Warning to harmful sites

If a users search results from Google happens to turn up a known harmful site, the user will see the following:

Notice the new “This site may harm your computer” warning (view here) … so what happens if you ignore this warning and proceed anyway? … duh! Don’t do it!

As you can see above the user is prompted with the typical bogus missing Video ActiveX Object, but also highlighted above the viewer gets whacked with a IFrame Exploit … actually it’s several …

And just for good measure you get whacked with Win32/Exploit.WMF, see the last 2 entries in red above. Now my Antivirus NOD32 jumped on that and blocked it even though that exploit has been patched.

Folks I can not stress enough how important is is to have all the latest updates and versions installed on your machine. The above “scripted windows” prompt does not appear in IE6.

I would recommend adding to your IE7 Restricted Zone, the sites mentioned will be added to the next HOSTS update … due in a few days.

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