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Windows Vista Performance Information Utility

Once you get Vista installed or you purchase a new Vista machine, open the new Performance Information and Tools in the Control Panel. You should see your “Windows® Experience Index” … I would suggest taking a screenshot and saving it. Then as you add/change drivers or hardware you can re-calculate the WEI, however once you do this […]

Updating the HOSTS file in Windows Vista using SendTo

Previously I had reported the problems updating the HOSTS file in Windows Vista … well I’ve come up with a workable solution using SendTo. You can see the step-by-step instructions here. Note: I’ve tested several of the 3rd party HOSTS utilities for updating the HOSTS file and these do not work … hopefully the authors […]

Updating the HOSTS file in Windows Vista

Unfortunately with UAC (User Account Control) enabled the “mvps.bat” is not permitted to update the HOSTS file. This is due to the restrictions imposed by UAC in that no “batch” files are allowed to access/change a System file. For now the only work-around is to turn off UAC (requires reboot) then run the “mvps.bat”, then […]

HOSTS file update 02-16-07

The MVPS HOSTS file was recently updated [02-16-07] Download: (134 kb) How To: Download and Extract the HOSTS file HOSTS File – Frequently Asked Questions Note: the “text” version makes a great resourcefor determining possible culprits … (556 kb) Sign up for HOSTS file update notices

Trojan.Codec turns nasty

Looks like these “codec” sites have ramped-up the threat level as they are now running a nasty javascript on these sites that NOD32 detects as “JS/TrojanDownloader.Agent.AB” As usual these culprits are registered at Intercage/EstDomains …

Another bogus Image ActiveX Object error

Landing on pixyoung(dot)com the viewer is presented with a blank page and a bogus error … Yeah you guessed it, no mater which button you click you’re trapped into clicking Continue … however you can always press Alt & F4 on the keyboard to get out. Clicking Continue leads you to another Trojan.Codec site (sitesentrance(dot)com) […]