Bogus Flash Player prompt

 Landing on the below site the visitor is presented with the following bogus Flash Player prompt …

While this is a new face on an old trick (bogus ActiveX prompts) it results in the same type infection – Trojan.Zlob
Clicking any of the above button traps the visitor with no way out … however you can use “Alt + F4” or use the Task Manager to kill Internet Explorer.

Clicking “OK” leads to an “.exe” from “newoutserv(dot)com” … there are several other related sites with the same prompt.


2 Responses to “Bogus Flash Player prompt”

  1. Mike,

    What about the red x close button? Aren’t there security features for the chrome that prevent the close button being spoofed nowadays in pop-up windows? Of course, HTML pages with fake dialogue boxes that are no more than graphics on a web page are a different story.


  2. Sandi,
    The same applies for the Red X button … due to the way the page is coded.