AntiSpywareControl yet another Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Product

Landing on the following site the viewer is presented with not only a “IFrame.Exploit” and the typical adult content, but several interesting banners … (MVPS HOSTS file users are already protected from the IFrame.Exploit)

Look familiar? … well let’s see where this leads us … (as if I didn’t know 😉

Independently certified” … and “100% free of viruses, adware and spyware” … oh what a claim! Even if you try to cancel the (fake) scan the download is still loaded.

Seems my AV doesn’t agree … so who would you believe? … yeah me too …
And as you can see below there are several other culprits involved all WinFixer related … including Limelight Networks.

The download is the same exact filename (install_en.exe) as the one from “SpyGuardPro” which also produces the same detection results from VirusTotal.

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