eMusic Toolbar

I have been contacted several times this year regarding the entry for eMusic  in my HOSTS file … so I thought I’d give them a second look, since they were previously detected as “Adware.eMusic” by the majority of Antivirus/Antispyware programs.

I highlighted the “It’s safe. No spyware, adware, or malware” … OK sounds good … let’s click the download and see …

Well this didn’t start out so good … matter of fact after disabling NOD32 and scanning the file at VirusTotal (results here)

AntiVir = DR/Comet.BE.2
BitDefender = Adware.StarWire.A
ClamAV = Adware.Comet-20
Fortinet = Adware/Comet
Kaspersky = AdWare.Win32.Comet.be
NOD32v2 = Win32/Adware.Comet
Prevx1 = Generic.Malware
VBA32 = AdWare.Win32.Comet.be
Webwasher-Gateway = Trojan.Dropper.Comet.BE.2

No Adware they say? … looks like eMusic needs to change the wording on their site. Better yet quit pushing Toolbars created by 3rd parties that are known adware bundlers … but then that would cut down on the revenue they generate from these type installs … yeah it’s all about the mighty $$$ … so do you think should I leave the entry for eMusic?

One Response to “eMusic Toolbar”

  1. Ah, it is the toolbar that is the problem, not necessarily the music download service itself. Good detective work! I’m disappointed in e-music. I guess I can’t complain about their entry in your list. Thanks for doing the recheck.