Correction to the MVPS HOSTS file

I’ve uploaded a fresh copy of the HOSTS file due to making a correction to one of the entries …

Corrected entry:

Not really that critical, but I wanted to advise anyone that happened to notice …

4 Responses to “Correction to the MVPS HOSTS file”

  1. I’d like to point out to you the following
    ad servers that seem to be missing from your
    otherwise EXCELLENT Hosts File: (ad server for, most popular Dutch news site) (ads on ebay) (ads by amazon on blogs, eg
    (included in pgl.yoyo ad server list, not mentioned under Google Inc on MVPS Hosts list)

    Last but not least, I have noticed a lot of
    ads or links to ‘’ that have popped up everywhere. Example:

    has top ad where the link location is:

    A regular query of does not yield a website. I have come across several
    other references on the web. I have been unable
    to find background information on this particular domain.

    May I also add that popped up a survey
    on, indicating that not all activities are covered by the current
    host file. I have no details on this unfortunately. Hopefully you will include the
    abovementioned in a future update of your Hosts
    File. Thank you.


  2. Thanks for your submissions …

    They will be reviewed and added as needed to the next update.

  3. ad servers that seem to be missing from your

  4. new ads server
    yahoo search via