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PC SuperCharger’s bogus online scan/scam

Here is yet another bogus online scanner from the WinFixer clone family … Notice that the Cancel button is grayed out … also notice Windows Vista/IE7 has blocked the install of the “.cab” file, and prompts the user if they trust the website … no I don’t think so! It’s sad to see yet another Rogue […]

Beware of bogus Flash Player prompts

Landing on the following site the visitor is prompted with the following bogus prompt … Folks there is no such “Flash Player” prompt … this is just another ploy to get the viewer to believe they need some kind of additional files to view the movie. However in this case you don’t even need to […]

Another bogus Online Scanner

Landing on the following site the visitor is presented with what looks like an online scan … “Online Security Scanner requires ActiveX controls to repair your computer.”  yeah right! My AV (NOD32) detects the download ( as: Win32/TrojanDownloader.Agent.NUS Other related entries … scanner.malwarealarm(dot)comscanner.malwarealarms(dot)comscanner.malware-scan(dot)comscanner2.malware-scan(dot)comscanner.shredder-scanner(dot)comscanner.shredder-scanner(dot)comscanner.spyshredderscanner(dot)comscanner.spyshredder-scanner(dot)comscanner.xmalwarealarm(dot)comscanner.xmalware-scan(dot)com xscanner.malwarealarm(dot)comxscanner.shredder-scanner(dot)comxscanner.spyshredderscanner(dot)comxscanner.spyshredder-scanner(dot)comxscanner.xmalwarealarm(dot)com They all use basically the same scam to try and trick […]

Benedelman exposes CNetmedia shady practices

Benjamin Edelman just released an interesting article “Critiquing C-NetMedia’s Anti-Spyware Offerings and Advertising Practices” in which he exposes CNetmedia’s shady practices. These Rogue Products are popping up everywhere, and with little detection by the major vendors. AdwarePro2 is detected by both eTrust and Symantec, while Kaspersky detects as: FraudTool.Win32.Antispyware.c … RegClean2Sqr is detected by […]

Oh what a malicious site

Landing on the following site … it will try to load several exploits, then a Rogue Antispyware program, and if that’s not enough it then tries to infect you with a “Codec” … shew! NOD32 blocks the connection to the codec site and displays the following: The list of sites involved are below … the […]

MVPS HOSTS File Update [FEB-09-2008]

The MVPS HOSTS file was recently updated [FEB-09-2008] Download: (148 kb) How To: Download and Extract the HOSTS file HOSTS File – Frequently Asked Questions Note: the “text” version makes a great resource for determining possible culprits … (647 kb) Sign up for HOSTS file update notices FYI: HostsXpert was recently updated and works […]

Top 11 Malware Threats To Watch Out For

I found several quotes from the article “Top 11 Malware Threats To Watch Out For” worth repeating …  “In 2008, we’ll need the word because online advertising will become a major security problem. Indeed it is already: about 80% of malicious code online comes from online ads, according to the Q1 2007 Web Trends Security […]