Benedelman exposes CNetmedia shady practices

Benjamin Edelman just released an interesting article “Critiquing C-NetMedia’s Anti-Spyware Offerings and Advertising Practices” in which he exposes CNetmedia’s shady practices. These Rogue Products are popping up everywhere, and with little detection by the major vendors.

AdwarePro2 is detected by both eTrust and Symantec, while Kaspersky detects as: FraudTool.Win32.Antispyware.c … RegClean2Sqr is detected by both SecurityLab and EmsiSoft

These are just a few download locations examples from the CNetmedia / 2Squared Group

There were quite a few entries already listed in the HOSTS file, however in light of this latest review and several others I have elected to add all the other known entries. This is covered in the “Criteria for Detection” which states:

A software program or website including any other Web sites or domains owned, maintained or affiliated with, that are detected by an but not limited to any Antivirus or Anti-Spyware type program or mentioned in their Database

2 Responses to “Benedelman exposes CNetmedia shady practices”

  1. I would like to know what we can do to protect more people like me,i’d never heard of this untill to day.

  2. vet mitchell,
    The easiest way is to install the HOSTS file, as all the mentioned sites are included …