Beware of bogus Flash Player prompts

Landing on the following site the visitor is prompted with the following bogus prompt …

Folks there is no such “Flash Player” prompt … this is just another ploy to get the viewer to believe they need some kind of additional files to view the movie. However in this case you don’t even need to click any of the usual buttons, this site attempts to automatically download the infection.

As you can see NOD32 detects this culprit blocks the connection and prevents the download. Win32/Statik is the description NOD32 has chosen for Trojan.Codec/Zlob

mynudenetwork” is hosted at Intercage via ESTDOMAINS/PrivacyProtect

Be careful out there … I’m seeing a huge increase in Codec/Zlob related sites lately … now you may wonder why I harp on these Codec infections so much? … well as you can see below the Microsoft Top 10 MSRT Detections list the first 6 as Zlob related … that’s scary!

MSRT – Malicious Software Removal Tool – this is the brief scan that occurs during the Windows Updates. So this utility does give a pretty good indication of the state of the machines it scans – 6 out of 10 = Zlob!

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