PC SuperCharger’s bogus online scan/scam

Here is yet another bogus online scanner from the WinFixer clone family …

Notice that the Cancel button is grayed out … also notice Windows Vista/IE7 has blocked the install of the “.cab” file, and prompts the user if they trust the website … no I don’t think so!

It’s sad to see yet another Rogue program using “UserTrust with Site Seal from Comodoâ„¢” … I have been in contact with Comodo about several other WinFixer clones, hoping that they would refuse to do business with all these culprits … guess I’ll have to contact them again …

Both “pcsupercharger” and “bizadverts” are both hosted at “Secure Hosting” ( which is home to a huge amout of the WinFixer clones … sadly not much you can do about servers running in Honduras … and worse yet is the fact that none of the AV scanners at VirusTotal detect “FreeInstallPCSuperCharger.exe

One Response to “PC SuperCharger’s bogus online scan/scam”

  1. Sadly, this is not really something that could be called a failure on Comodo’s part.
    The certificate identifies the code as being signed by PC SuperCharger, and indeed, the code is theirs to sign.
    A certificate authority’s job is to verify identity – not to approve business practices.