Another WinFixer clone using Comodo

Landing on the below site the visitor is presented with yet another fake scan from a known Rogue product …
Symantec describes this as “The program reports false or exaggerated system security threats on the computer


When I clicked the link to [sic] purchase the product … as you can see this is another “WinFixer/SetupAHost” clone using a Comodo certificate.

I have contacted Comodo several times in the past and they have been very prompt in shutting down these accounts … although I wish they would just search their records and cancel everything issued in the name of SetupAHost. It’s pretty obvious by now that everything issued to SetupAHost is a Rogue program designed to do nothing more than ripoff the public … and who knows what they will do with your personal information once submitted via their website …

Update Mar 16: After contacting Comodo … “this account is now closed” … kudos!

One Response to “Another WinFixer clone using Comodo”

  1. i am glad to hear that “comodo” is “shutting down the accounts”.. thanks for the work that you are doing..