Zango Alleges Kaspersky Is Badware Itself

Well … here we go again … MediaPost is reporting that Zango is again going after Kaspersky. Zango lost round 1 in court and they are not happy with the decision. In their latest filing (link to .pdf here) they state the Court was wrong and that Kaspersky is actually Badware (as defined in … now that’s a real stretch!

Then Zango goes on to describe Kaspersky as “Scareware” … imagine that! this should get real interesting when Kaspersky responds … “Microsoft Malware Protection Center” reports Zango/Hotbar ranks 3 of of the Top 10 …

I guess we can tell who is the real “Badware” here … sounds like it’s time for another Benjamin Edelman report … which found that Zango was in violation of the FTC agreement …

One Response to “Zango Alleges Kaspersky Is Badware Itself”

  1. zango is so stupid the dont know what is badware

    There just stalling the court by saying Kaspersky is badware lolo how retarded

    “go back to school zango”