Is PCSecurityShield still a Rogue Antispyware company?

Donna’s SecurityFlash pointed out that there is quite a storm over the discovery that Comodo has licensed their firewall engine to PCSecurityShield … once considered promoting Rogue/Suspect Antispyware products …

Seems PCSecurityShield has turned around their business model and are now rebranding several Security related products. This excerpt from (Company Profile) …

PCSecurityShield is a 3 year old internet security company that licenses various technologies and provides consumers will products to insure safe web activities. PCSecurityShield partners with many top worldwide technology companies to bring internet protection to the average consumer while providing superior, free customer service.”

Some of the products they now rebrand:

The Shield Firewall – engine licensed from Comodo
Spyware 24×7 – engine licensed from Lavasoft
The Shield Deluxe 2008 – engine licensed from Kaspersky
Security Shield 2008 – engine licensed from  F-Secure

While I would not recommend any of these products, they certainly can no longer be considered Rogue products … with that in mind I have decided to remove the related entries from the HOSTS file and this will reflect in the next update.

2 Responses to “Is PCSecurityShield still a Rogue Antispyware company?”

  1. this might be off-the-wall, but i noticed that another company, “encore”, is marketing a “spyware doctor 2008”.. “encore” looks like it is a similar type “business” where they are marketing rebranded products..

    someone said that they were having problems with “spyware doctor 2008”, which does not come from the “pctools” website, so i looked into it..

  2. Tom,
    I wouldn’t doubt there are many companies that rebrand other popular products …