Another Rogue Antispyware product from the Pandora Software group

Following up on a article from our friends at BleepingComputer “How to remove Malware Bell” we find:

Malware Bell is a rogue anti-spyware from the same developers as IE Defender and Files Secure. Malware Bell is installed and advertised through the use of Trojans that are installed as Internet Explorer Browser Helper Objects.”

These people are so lame they can’t even write their own detections … (highlighted in red) it’s actually from McAfee …

As you can see there are several redirects when you [choke] attempt to purchase their bogus product … the sad part is here is another example of “ipsCA” issuing certificates to known bogus products …

I found the exact same thing with “VirusIsolator” which Symantec detects and describes as:
The program reports false or exaggerated system security threats on the computer.”

So I have to ask … ipsCA what are you thinking!

“installed and advertised through the use of Trojans” … “reports false or exaggerated system security threats”

Yes I did contact ipsCA previously and all I got back was an automated reply with a “Support:276800” …

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