Texas Charges Nexusmedia Deceived Web Users

Nexusmedia charged with failing to inform consumers about spyware downloads
Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott charged a Colorado software business with selling screensavers that were bundled with adware or spyware. Further, although the defendants promised child-safe screensavers, their products commonly included images of unclothed women” … [full story here]

However, Friday‚Äôs enforcement action charges McLaughlin with bundling his screensavers with independent, unrelated software called the My Search Toolbar. Customers who purchased the screensavers were not given the opportunity to opt out of the toolbar.”

Imagine that! … “not available to Texas residents” … I wonder why? Were only Texas residents were decieved?
Also interesting it appears Nexusmedia has revised their website to include the following:

We have made an effort to allow you to opt out of installing the NexusBar however there may be some screensavers that will silently install this so with that said, by installing this software you also agree to install the toolbar.”

They have also removed any mention to “No Adware/Spyware” … seems like some sites are already aware of the issue …

It’s bad enough when adware is bundled with free downloads … but now to purchase a screensaver and still get whacked with no consent adware is really underhanded … although sleezy underhanded tactics are nothing new for MySearch.

I bet it won’t be long before “IAC Search Media” (formally AskJeeves) starts to spin this issue …

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