Want a Trojan.Zlob with your fake scan results?

It’s amazing the lengths these culprits will go to … landing on the following site not only do you get a fake spyware scan, you can also get a version of Trojan.Zlob at the same time …

The fake scanner redirects to “antivirus-scanonline” from my last post, and the bogus “video decoder” is a variant of Trojan.Zlob … (install_player_3913241.exe) VirusTotal results here

2 Responses to “Want a Trojan.Zlob with your fake scan results?”

  1. Hi Mike,

    The image isn’t being displayed, perhaps because of the asterisks in the file name (west-video-***.gif).

  2. Thanks Dean … it showed up in the preview? It should be displaying now …