Rogue Antispyware Adware-Download

Following up on a post at Donna’s SecurityFlash regarding several new Rogue Antispyware programs …
now visiting the named site (adware-download(dot)com) you are redirected via “clickbank” to … oops!

My AV NOD32 intercepts the request and displays the above warning … thus killing the connection.
And this occurs prior to the browser checking the HOSTS file … which adware-download is already listed.

The actual link via clickbank is below (URL disabled)


I complained to the staff at ClickBank many many times about their lack of policing their affiliates … but they appear to take no action … thus they have become a haven for these Rogue Antispyware programs … and there are many! I’ve even had them complain and threaten legal action because I added them to the HOSTS file … of course they have no grounds for such an action …

Adware.Clickbank or Adware.ClickDLoader

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