More fallout on the suspended malware sites

Knujon News reports “Directi is now severing ties with Estdomains amid complaints that the Eastern European company makes it too easy to register sites that are used by spammers and scammers. “Just the reputation loss and the confusion because of these linkups has been more detrimental to us than the commercial gain from that one-off sale,” said Directi CEO Bhavin Turakhia. “We felt it was the right move morally.” [more here]

Many of these suspended domains that I previously mentioned involved InterCage and their ties with ESTDomains … now where “Directi” was involved I find the following when checking the Whois of some of these suspended domains …

Directi False Whois Suspended Account” owns about 11,853 other domains” … Wow! … imagine that!

As McAfee’s blog points out many of these malware related sites are now registering with ProtectDetails as the heat is now on ESTDomains. When checking the locations I find they are both hosted at InterCage … how convenient …

Protect Details, Inc
Saint Petersburg, RU
[InterCage, Inc] Assigned IP block > [ –]

ESTDomains Inc
Wilmington, Delaware
[InterCage, Inc] Assigned IP block > [ –]

Hopefully Brian Krebs proposed article on ESTDomains will turn up the heat even more … resulting in even more suspended domains …

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