Klikdomains suspended

Just days after Security Fix exposed “Klikdomains” and the connection to “VIVIDS MEDIA GMBH” … the following sites were suspended:

klikdomains.com – Status:SUSPENDED [whois info]
Note: This Domain Name is Suspended.
In this status the domain name is InActive and will not function.

klikvipsearch.com – Status:SUSPENDED [whois info]
kliksoftware.com – Status:SUSPENDED [whois info]

However don’t be fooled into thinking that the Klikadvertising Group are dead … as I pointed out in my last post they are still going strong … I suspect the closing of those domains are just a ploy to avoid any more bad press … another example I ran accross today …

The majority of the above sites are Klikadvertising related, as noted by the “klick.php?” … and the highlighted in red box shows
and guess where those sites were Registered? …

wordsearch-online.com – Registration Service Provided By: VIVIDS MEDIA GMBH [whois info]
search-adult-online.com – Registration Service Provided By: VIVIDS MEDIA GMBH [whois info]

Let’s not forget – “KLIK Media GmbH” (klikoffers.com) owns about 29 other domains [whois info]
Which is also related to “Nelroy Ltd.” (klikvip.com) owns about 19 other domains [whois info]
And where “klikadvertising.com” and “klikvip.com” are both running on IP blocks from Axxa Commerce

Hopefully keeping the pressure on will force more action and shut down these criminals … well we can hope can’t we?

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